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Fighting Decay

fighting tooth decay in San RafaelTooth decay, or cavities, are decayed teeth as a result of tooth deterioration. The condition is unfortunately very common and includes almost everyone at some point in their lives; however, it's not life threatening. There are easy ways to prevent cavity formation through simple oral hygiene steps. Tooth decay starts when plaque—a sticky film—adheres to the surfaces of teeth. When present bacteria within plurality meets with starches and sugars, they produce acids that wear down tooth enamel by demineralization.

Some foods that direly impact your teeth are soda, candy, desserts, milk, and certain fruits/veggies. Saliva acts as a protector against acids developed by plaque-- anything to increase saliva production also therefore helps prevent cavities (dentists often suggest sugarless gum for this very reason). Although saliva flow is effective in preventing cavities naturally, it's not enough on its own.

At Tamal Vista Family Dentistry we help fight tooth decay with the following procedures"

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